Service Information

Demand Service

Demand Service available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm with possible transfers required. 

This origin to destination service operates within the City limits.  Service is divided into 4 regions; transit vehicles travel in an established directional pattern within each region with designated check point times at the downtown transfer center.  Buses run every half hour with drivers waiting up to one-minute per stop.  Trips can be pre-scheduled or walk-on service is permitted and destinations within the pick-up region will be accomodated.  Passengers traveling from one region to another must transfer at the downtown transfer center.  See Informational Brochur found on the Transit Home page for area limits.

To schedule a pick-up, Transit Dispatch can be reached at 740-382-9850.


Enhanced Service

Enhanced Service is available Monday through Friday from 6:00 am - 6:00 pm.  Requires reservation for pick-up be made 24-hours in advance.

Enhanced service operates from origin to destination and eliminates a transfer but must be scheduled 24 hours in advance.  Drivers will wait up to 3 minutes per stop.  The driver may assist passengers from the door but will not enter a building.  Drivers are limited to one-step for wheelchair assistance.  All reasonable modifications will be considered.  Same day service will be accomodated IF capacity allows.  This service area covers the area that is included on the Informational Brochure found on the Transit Home page.  

Call Transit Dispatch at 740-382-9850 to make a reservation for Enhanced Service.


Personal Care Attendants

Clients are permitted to have a Personal Care Attendant ride along with them free of charge.  Attendents must be scheduled ahead of time.  The attendant must be providing a service to the passenger.


Service Animals/Pet Policy

MAT permits service animals that have been properly trained to perform specific functions to assist persons with disabilities.  (This does not include pets and comfort animals.)  


Inclement Weather

MAT is governed by local emergency levels set by the County Sheriff; however, MAT reserves the right to suspend operations or operate with limited service in some areas if road conditions are deemed unsafe.