Office of the Law Director Mark Russell

Mark Russell

It is an honor to serve as your Law Director, every day of my service is dedicated to putting you first, as I have done for 20 years. I continue my commitment to working for you, going above and beyond the statutory obligations of the Office. Some examples of the sucess we have had working together are:

    Holding responsible parties accountable, applying effective leadership, we have improved successful prosecutions from 70% since taking Office to over 90% year in and year out.
    Implementing successful programs such as Neighborhood Wellness Program, which concentrates resources toward the elimination and removal of nuisances from our neighborhoods, making our neighborhoods a great place to live and raise families.
    Taking action to increase our community's job base with a heightened priority to facilitate job creation and job retention - City Hall Jobs and Job Creation Information Center.

    Implementing Marion's successful City Electric and Natural Gas Aggregation program saving participants over $5,500,000 since inception.
    Collecting monies due taxpayers, defending taxpayers funds from frivolous law suits, providing competent advice to our community's law enforcement agencies, your City Council, department heads and Administrators.

I urge any person who may have questions or comments to contact me directly by email: or by telephone (740) 387-3777