Marion City Code

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  PART ONE - ADMINISTRATIVE CODE                       (updated 3/2016)

               TITLE ONE - General Provisions

                      Chapter 101.  Codified Ordinances
                      Chapter 103.  Official Standards  
                      Chapter 105.  Wards and Boundaries  
                      Chapter 107.  Public Meetings  
                      Chapter 109.  Contracts and Purchases

               TITLE THREE - Legislative

                      Chapter 111.  Council  
                      Chapter 113.  Ordinances and Resolutions

               TITLE FIVE - Administrative

                      Chapter 121.  Mayor  
                      Chapter 123.  Auditor  
                      Chapter 125.  Treasurer  
                      Chapter 127.  Director of Law  
                      Chapter 129.  Clerk of Council  
                      Chapter 133.  Department of Public Safety/Service  
                      Chapter 135.  Department of Human Resources  
                      Chapter 137.  Division of Police  
                      Chapter 139.  Division of Fire  
                      Chapter 141.  Division of Engineering  
                      Chapter 143.  Division of Sanitation  
                      Chapter 145.  Division of Sewage Disposal Works  
                      Chapter 147.  Division of Streets  
                      Chapter 149.  Employees Generally

Alarm Permit Application

               TITLE SEVEN - Boards and Commissions

                      Chapter 151.  Civil Service Commission  
                      Chapter 153.  Planning Commission  
                      Chapter 155.  Traffic Commission  
                      Chapter 157.  Board of Park Commissioners  
                      Chapter 159.  Board of Airport Commissioners  
                      Chapter 160.  Board of Building Appeals  
                      Chapter 161.  Board of Zoning Appeals  
                      Chapter 163.  Recreation Board  
                      Chapter 165.  Board of Control  
                      Chapter 167.  Board of Health  
                      Chapter 169.  Personnel Committee                
                      Chapter 171.  Boxing and Wrestling Commission  
                      Chapter 173.  MarionCountyCorrections Planning Board  
                      Chapter 175.  Community Reinvestment Housing Council/Tax Incentive Council

               TITLE NINE - Judicial [Reserved]

               TITLE ELEVEN - Finance

                      Chapter 191.  [Reserved]  
                      Chapter 193.  Municipal Income Tax

                        Municipal Income Tax Forms


            TITLE ONE - Administration, Enforcement and Penalties

               Chapter 301          Definitions
               Chapter 303          Enforcement; Impounding
               Chapter 305          Traffic Control
               Chapter 307          Traffic Control Map and File
               Chapter 309          Penalties

              TITLE THREE - Public Ways and Traffic Control Devices

               Chapter 311          Obstruction and Special Uses of Public Ways
               Chapter 313          Traffic Control Devices

              TITLE FIVE - Vehicles and Operation

               Chapter 331          Operation Generally

                               ORDINANCE AMENDING SECTIONS 337.13 and 331.38

               Chapter 333          DWI; Reckless Operation; Speed
               Chapter 335          Licensing; Accidents
               Chapter 337          Safety and Equipment

                               ​ORDINANCE AMENDING SECTIONS 337.13 and 331.38

               Chapter 339          Commercial and Heavy Vehicles
               Chapter 341          Drivers of Commercial Cars or Tractors
               Chapter 343          [Reserved]
               Chapter 345          Noise Emission From Motor Vehicles

              TITLE SEVEN - Parking

               Chapter 351          Parking Generally
               Chapter 353          Parking Meters

              TITLE NINE - Pedestrians, Bicycles, Motorcycles and Snowmobiles

               Chapter 371          Pedestrians
               Chapter 373          Bicycles and Motorcycles
               Chapter 375          Bicycle Licensing
               Chapter 377          Snowmobiles and All Purpose Vehicles

  Part Six - General Offenses Code

              Chapter 606            General Provisions; Administration and Enforcement
              Chapter 612            Alcoholic Beverages
              Chapter 618            Animals
              Chapter 620            Distribution of Handbills
              Chapter 624            Drugs
              Chapter 630            Gambling
              Chapter 634            Noise Control
              Chapter 636            Offenses Relating to Persons
              Chapter 642            Offenses Relating to Property
              Chapter 646            Open Housing
              Chapter 648            Peace Disturbances
              Chapter 654            Railroads
              Chapter 660            Safety, Sanitation, and Health
              Chapter 662            Hygiene, Sanitation and Maintenance Regulations
              Chapter 666            Sex Related Offenses
              Chapter 672            Weapons and Explosives
              Chapter 678            Weeds 
              Chapter 698            Penalties and Sentencing

  Part Seven - Business Code

              Chapter 710          Advertising
              Chapter 720          Coin-Operated Devices
              Chapter 730          Community Antenna Television Systems
              Chapter 734          Consumer Transactions
              Chapter 736          Discontinuing Business Sales
              Chapter 740          Fortunetelling
              Chapter 750          Peddlers, Canvassers and Solicitors
              Chapter 756          Secondhand Dealers
              Chapter 760          Taxicabs
              Chapter 770          Late Night Sales and Establishments
              Chapter 780          Tow Trucks

  Part Nine - Streets & Public Service Code

                TITLE ONE - Street and Sidewalk Areas
                Chapter 901          Excavations
                Chapter 903          Streets, Sidewalks, Curbs and Driveways
                Chapter 905          Trees

               TITLE THREE - Public Utilities
                Chapter 911          Sewer Regulations
                Chapter 912          Sewer User Charge System
                Chapter 914          Sewer System Improvement Fund
                Chapter 915          Storm Water Drainage System
                Chapter 916          Northwest Interceptor Sanitary Sewer
                Chapter 917          Septic Tanks
                Chapter 918          Professional Park Sanitary Sewer
                Chapter 919          Water
                Chapter 921          Electricity
                Chapter 923          Gas                                                                       

               TITLE FIVE - Other Public Services
                Chapter 941          Marion Municipal Airport
                Chapter 943          Domestic Refuse and Rubbish Collection
                Chapter 945          Parks and Swimming Pools

  Part Eleven - Planning & Zoning Code

                TITLE ONE - Platting and Subdivision Regulations

                Chapter 1110        Platting
                Chapter 1111        Subdivision Regulations

                TITLE FIVE - General Provisions

                Chapter 1121        Interpretation and Conformance
                Chapter 1123        Definitions
                Chapter 1125        Nonconforming Use Regulations
                Chapter 1127        Miscellaneous Provisions

                TITLE SIX - Zoning Use Districts and Maps

                Chapter 1129     Schedule of Use Districts
                Chapter 1131     Purposes and Characteristics of Use Districts
                Chapter 1133     Zoning Map

                 TITLE SEVEN - Use District Regulations

                   Chapter 1135    Establishment of Use District Regulations
                   Chapter 1137    Use Regulations in Residential Districts
                   Chapter 1139    Use Regulations in O-I Office and Institutional District
                   Chapter 1141    Use Regulations in O-I-A Office-Institutional-Apartment District
                   Chapter 1143    Use Regulations in Commercial Districts
                   Chapter 1145    Use Regulations in Industrial Districts

                 TITLE EIGHT - Planned Development Projects

                    Chapter 1147     Purpose, Characteristics and General Procedures
                    Chapter 1148     Mobile Home Parks
                    Chapter 1149     Group Housing Developments

                 TITLE NINE - General Use and Development Standards

                   Chapter 1151       Lot Area, Yard, Court and Building Height Standards
                   Chapter 1153       Off-Street Loading and Parking Standards
                   Chapter 1154       Uniform Single-Family Home Regulations
                   Chapter 1155       Transitional Uses in Residential Districts
                   Chapter 1157       Conversion of Existing Dwellings
                   Chapter 1159       Accessory Structures in Residential Districts
                   Chapter 1161       Signs
                   Chapter 1163       Other Special Use Regulations

                 TITLE TEN - Board of Zoning Appeals

                   Chapter 1165        Establishment
                   Chapter 1167        General Procedure and Regulations
                   Chapter 1169        Applications and Appeals; Procedures
                   Chapter 1171        Powers of the Board
                   Chapter 1173        Expiration of Permits for Exceptions, Conditional Uses and 

                 TITLE ELEVEN - Administration

                   Chapter 1175        Enforcement
                   Chapter 1177        Zoning Permits
                   Chapter 1179        Use Permits
                   Chapter 1181        Duties of Safety/Service Director
                   Chapter 1183        Fees
                   Chapter 1185        Design Review Regulations

                Tables for Part Eleven

                Sub-Division Regulations

  Part Thirteen - Structure & Safety Code

                   Chapter 1315        [Reserved]
                   Chapter 1330        [Reserved]
                   Chapter 1345        Moving Buildings
                   Chapter 1360        Dangerous Buildings
                   Chapter 1375        Accessibility & Utilization of Buildings  Disabled Persons
                   Chapter 1381        Demolition of Structures
                   Chapter 1395        [Reserved]

  Part Fifteen - Fire Prevention Regulations

                    Chapter 1501      Ohio Fire Code
                    Chapter 1519       Fireworks


  Tables of Special Ordinances of Marion

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