Recycling Program

Why Recycle?

Each resident of Marion generates an average of 4 lbs. of waste every day. In one year, this totals 50.5 million lbs. As the amount of trash being thrown away each year increases, the cost to collect it, haul it, and landfill it also increases. Recycling is the best way to reduce waste, stretch our resources and maintain a reasonable refuse collection rate.

Recycling also:

  • Saves energy
  • Conserves natural resources
  • Reduces litter
  • Reduces pollution because manufacturing using recycling material is cleaner
  • Creates jobs
  • Helps our economy
  • Can reduce the amount of land needed for landfills, freeing more land for parks, farms, and homes for people and wildlife
  • Reduces the amount of environmental damage caused by landfilling.

To view items that are that will be accepted or not accepted through the City's recycling program, please view the link listed below:

     City of Marion Recycling Flyer

As part of the City of Marion's curbside recycling program, non-acceptable materials will be left in the bin by the collector. Notes might also be left for homeowners regarding the materials that do not conform to the program requirements.

How to Recycle

Recycling uses only a small amount of space and requires only a few seconds a day. Each household, including each apartment, receives one free hard plastic recycling bin to store recyclables. On the regular sanitation pickup day for your neighborhood, the bin should be placed at curbside. There is no need to separate recyclables.

Backdoor collection service will be provided for handicapped and elderly residents who are unable to place their bin at curbside. To request this special service (no additional fee), call the City Garage at (740) 382-1479.

Every household's participation makes the program work. Every pound of material recycled helps us keep sanitation bills at the lowest possible cost.