Canceled -- Council Committee Meeting(s)

Event Date: 
Tue, 01/03/2023 - 6:30pm

No committee meetings were called for 01/03/2023.



Committee Assignments for 2022-2023

The first name shall be the chairman of the committee. The second name shall be the vice chairman. The third name shall be a member of the committee.  An updated contact list is included with every agenda.

Finance -- Jason Schaber, Jeff Gerritsen (vice chair), Aaron Rollins

Airport, Lands & Buildings -- Mike Neff (chair), Mike Thomas (vice chair), Karen Fosnaugh

Information Systems -- Aaron Rollins (chair), Jeff Gerritsen (vice chair), Josh Feliciano 
Jobs and Economic Development -- Ayers Ratliff (chair), Josh Feliciano (vice chair), Jeff Gerritsen
Legislation, Codes & Regulations -- Jeff Gerritsen (chair), Brett Cornelius (vice chair), Jason Schaber

Municipal Services, Parks & Recreation -- Mike Thomas (chair), Karen Fosnaugh (vice chair), Mike Neff

Public Utilities -- Brett Cornelius (chair), Mike Neff (vice chair), Josh Feliciano
Regional Planning -- Karen Fosnaugh  (chair), Mike Neff (vice chair), Ayers Ratliff
  • Marion City/Marion County Regional Planning Link
  • Regional Planning Commission Meetings are held 7PM located in the Prospect Room, lower level of Marion County Building on 4th Wednesday of the month, except November and December meetings are combined due to holiday season and held on 2nd Wednesday of December. 
Streets and Sewers -- Josh Feliciano  (chair), Mike Thomas (vice chair), Brett Cornelius
Zoning and Annexation -- Karen Fosnaugh  (chair), Jeff Gerritsen (vice chair), Aaron Rollins
Select Committee -- City Charter -- Brett Cornelius (chair), Mike Thomas (vice chair), Mike Neff, Jeff Gerritsen, Aaron Rollins
  • 20221017


Traffic Commission

Members of the Streets and Sewers Committee:  Mr. Feliciano (elected chair), Mr. Thomas, Mr. Cornelius
Safety/Service Director:  Director Caryer or Director Chaffin
City Engineer:  Director Bischoff
Chief of Police:  Chief McDonald
Law Director:  Law Director Russell 

Council Representation on Other Boards/Committees:

CANDO Board -- Jeff Gerritsen

Downtown Marion Inc. -- Ayers Ratliff

Airport Commission -- Mike Neff