Marion City Auditor – Income Tax Division

The Income Tax Department is a division of the City Auditor’s Office that is responsible for the receipt of all local income tax payments, along with processing and auditing of all returns filed in their office. City income taxes include employer’s withholding tax and both net profit and individual tax returns. 

The City of Marion is a mandatory filing municipality, which requires the registration of all businesses doing work within the city limits as well as all individuals that live and/or work within the city limits. The local tax rate is 2%. 

Revenue collected from City income taxes is broken down and distributed to help fund city services, including but not limited to general fund; safety services; street construction, maintenance, and repair; parks; and transit.

Online Tax Payments

You can now make payments towards your City of Marion Income Taxes online. Click here for details!

Please note the following changes made to the Marion City Income Tax regulations.

Current Tax Rate and Mandatory Filing

Effective January 1, 2013, Marion City Income Tax rate increase to 2.0% AND mandatory filing went into effect for Marion residents.
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Credit for Tax Paid to Another City

Effective July 1, 2012, the credit for taxes paid to another city was reduced to 50%.
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Individual Tax Filing Information

Business Tax Filing Information




Report Fraud
City of Marion
Perry Payne, Internal Auditor
Phone: 740-383-5337
Ohio Auditor of State
Phone: 1-866-FRAUDOH (1-866-372-8364)