City’s Neighborhood Cleanup Program Gets Underway for 2021

Mayor Scott Schertzer is announcing that the Love Our Neighborhoods team will begin its’ series of 2021 neighborhood cleanup programs on March 24-25.

This program provides residents with education and awareness of City codes and further assists residents through the neighborhood cleanup event.  A team that consists of community service workers, volunteers, and employees from the City of Marion will be ready and available to help the residents.  It is a belief that with the dedication of these resources, this help can be of great benefit to the neighborhood and provide a true helping hand. 

The first cleanup project of the year will have the Love Our Neighborhoods team working in the area that encompasses Edwards St. to Kenton Ave. from Hocking St. to the south portion of Silver St.  

The cleanup event will take place on Wednesday, March 24 and Thursday, March 25, from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. 

For more information on the Love Our Neighborhoods program or to get additional information on this Neighborhood Cleanup event, contact the Code Enforcement Office by phone at 740-387-2248, through email at, or through its Facebook page at