Street Closures Announced for Belmont St. Sewer Improvement Project

The following streets will be closed as noted below:

     Street:  Belmont St. between S. Vine St. and Presidential Dr. will be closed to through traffic

     Closure Start Date:  Monday, September 19 - 7:00 am

     Closure End Date:  Until further notice  

     Underground Utilities, Inc. will be completing the Belmont St. Sewer Improvement Project.


     Street:  S. Vine St. betweent Gurley Ave. and St. James St.

     Closure Start Date:  Monday, September 19 - 7:00 am

     Closure End Date:  Monday, September 19 - 5:00 pm  

     Sanitary sewers will be replaced at this location as part of the Belmont St. Sewer Imporovement Project.