Reminder of City Zoning Codes

As many residents may be thinking of updating and upgrading properties, the City of Marion would like to remind city residents of some common City Zoning Code Regulations:

Long standing City Zoning Code Regulations require the following:

  •  Any new structures or additions to existing structures require a zoning permit in advance.  Included in items required to obtain zoning pre-approval are:  Fences, sheds, garages, decks, porches, and pools

Current Zoning Codes require:

  • Pools with a water depth of 24 inches or more are required to have a minimum 4 foot high fence surrounding the pool and a lockable gate.
  • Garage Sales are permitted for a three day period, twice a month.  No long-term yard or garage type sales will be permitted.
  • Signs:  No business signs in the City right of way or tree lawn area.  They will be removed and possible citations for non compliance if continued violation.

Without approved zoning permits, property owners and tenants could face court fines for violation of City Zoning Codes.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The above list of items is not an all-inclusive list of City of Marion Zoning Codes, only a highlight of said zoning codes.  Additional zoning codes may apply to various projects.  For the zoning codes that may apply to your project, please contact the Zoning Inspector at 383-4114.

If you have any questions regarding zoning issues, call the Zoning Department at 383-4114 or the Engineer’s Office at 387-2240.