Policies and Procedures

NO SMOKING on the buses.
NO OPEN CONTAINERS on the buses.

Cancellation/No Show Policy
A Cancellation is when a passenger calls the dispatch office at least one (1) hours before the scheduled pick-up time to cancel the trip.

A No-Show is when a passenger does not cancel and does not appear within the one or three minutes allowed after the arrival of the bus.

Passengers who have scheduled a return trip and are a no-show for one leg of the trip, are automatically cancelled for the return trip unless the passenger calls to confirm the returned trip.

Passengers scheduled on an early bus may cancel their pick-up by leaving a message on the Marion Transit answering machine.  A call must be made the night before or prior to 5:30 a.m. on the day of pick-up to avoid paying a fare. The machine provides the time and date of the call.

Three (3) no-shows within a thirty (30) day period and the failure to pay for the no-shows results in a denial of service for thirty (30) days. Trip reservations will not be accepted until outstanding charges have been paid.

The purpose of the Cancellation/No Show policy is to correct the action of habitual offenders who abuse the scheduling of Marion Area Transit. The failure to cancel a ride when other arrangements have been made deprives others from using the bus service and costs the system.

Service Animals/Pet Policy
Marion Area Transit permits service animals to accompany individuals with disabilities in the buses and transit facilities.

When the trip reservation is made, passengers must notify the scheduler/dispatcher that a service animal will accompany the individuals.  Otherwise, pets are not permitted to be transported.