Marion City Parks Shelter Reservation Information

Special Events in the Parks
The City of Marion Parks can be utilized for special events, such as festivals, concerts, and more. To use the parks in this manner, you must fill out an application with the Parks Office and/or the City of Marion Safety Director's Office. You can download and print the forms by clicking on the links below.

Seasonal Shelter Availability

  • Please call: (740) 387-5446 or (740) 387-5370 to check for availability and to place a reservation.
  • The shelters are available for rent from May through mid-October each year.
  • The shelters are available for rent, one calendar year in advance.

Shelter Reservation Form
A shelter reservation form must be completed and turned into the Parks Office. Click here to download and print a form.

Shelter Locations

  • Lincoln Park
    Charlie D. (next to playground); Lisa B. (2nd shelter from playground; North Y-Men (close to Public Restrooms and Pool); East Y-Men; and West Y-Men (south of Morbitt Hill)
  • McKinley Park
    Erickson Pavilion (an enclosed shelter that can be opened or closed, depending on the weather; and the Y-Men Shelter
  • Sawyer-Ludwig Park
    North Y-Men; and the South Y-Men (next to the playground)
  • Kennedy Park   , Garfield Park, and Martin Luther King Memorial Park each have one shelter.

Shelter Rates
The daily shelter rates are $40.00 per day for the shelters listed above.  There are two small shelters at Quarry Park North and the Courtyard at Sawyer-Ludwig Park that have a daily rate of $25.00.

Key Pickup and Return for Erickson Pavilion
The key to Erickson Pavilion must be picked up at the Parks & Recreation Office, 240 W. Church St., the business day prior to your reservation date. The keys may not be duplicated. The keys are to be returned to the Parks & Recreation Office the business day following your reservation date.

Note: Erickson Pavilion renters must be out of the pavilion before 6 PM on Sundays for the Summer Concert Band during the months of June, July, and August.