High Grass & Weeds

To control high grass and weeds on private property within the City of Marion, the Office of Public Safety enforces the City of Marion’s Codified Ordinance Chapter 678: Weeds. Vegetation over six-inches (6”) in height is considered a violation of this ordinance.

Reports of high grass and weeds can be made to the Safety Director’s Office by calling 740-387-5865 or via email to linda.s@marionohio.org. An inspector will follow-up and inspect all reports, as well as proactively work to identify properties needing attention.

If the inspector determines that a violation exists, a Notice of Violation will be issued giving a property owner the opportunity to correct the situation. From the Notice of Violation date, the property owner will have five (5) days to abate (correct) the violation. After the five (5) days have expired, the property will be re-inspected. If the property has been abated, no further action will be taken. If the owner has NOT abated the violation, the inspector will document via photographs and make arrangements to have the property mowed. Photos will also be taken by mowers (before and after) to document for property file.

If the City of Marion abates a high grass and/or weed violation for a parcel of land, the property owner will receive an invoice for no less than $165.00 from the Office of Public Safety for mowing and administrative costs. If this invoice is not paid within 30 days, the City will file a lien against the property for collection through the following year’s property tax assessment. Continued failure by a property owner to comply with Chapter 678 could result in charges of a 4th Degree Misdemeanor.