PID Number 94979
MAR-Marion City Resurfacing


Section I – Project Description

WHEREAS, the LPA has identified the need for the described project:

This project proposes to resurface various sections of Main Street, Madison Avenue, Olney Avenue, Jefferson Street, Leader Street, Kensington Place, Vernon Heights Blvd., Church Street, Fairground Street Bennett Street and Delaware Ave. The project will also include curb ramps, base repairs, casting replacements striping, and possible bike lane signage/markings.

NOW THEREFORE, be it ordained by the City of Marion, Marion County, Ohio;

Section II – Consent Statement

Being in the public interest, the LPA gives consent to the Director of Transportation to complete the above described project.

Section III – Cooperation Statement

The LPA shall cooperate with the Director of Transportation in the above described project as follows:

The City hereby agrees to cooperate with the Director of Transportation of the State of Ohio in the planning, design and construction of the identified highway improvement project and grants consent to the Ohio Department of Transportation for its development and construction of the project in accordance with plans, specifications and estimates as approved by the Director;

The State agrees to assume and bear one hundred percent (100% of the cost of Preliminary Engineering.

The City agrees to assume and bear one hundred percent (100%) of the cost of Right-of-Way and Construction less the amount of federal funds set aside by the Director of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration.

The City agrees to assume and bear one hundred percent (100%) of the total cost of those features required by the City which are not necessary for the improvement as determined by the State and Federal Highway Administration.

Section IV – Utilities and Right-of-Way Statement

The LPA agrees to acquire and/or make available to ODOT, in accordance with current State and Federal regulations, all necessary right-of-way required for the described Project. The LPA also understands that right-of-way costs include eligible utility costs. The LPA agrees to be responsible for all utility accommodation, relocation, and reimbursement and agrees that all such accommodations, relocations, and reimbursements shall comply with the current provisions of 23 CFR 645 and the ODOT Utilities Manual.

Section V – Maintenance

Upon completion of the described Project, and unless otherwise agreed, the LPA shall: (1) provide adequate maintenance for the described Project in accordance with all applicable state and federal law, including but not limited to Title 23 USC 116; (2) provide ample financial provisions, as necessary, for the maintenance of the described Project; (3) maintain the right-of-way, keeping it free of obstructions; and (4) hold said right-of-way inviolate for public highway purposes.

Section VI – Consultants and Authority to Sign

The Mayor is hereby empowered on behalf of the City to enter into contracts with ODOT prequalified consultants for the preliminary phase of the project and to enter into contracts with the Director of Transportation necessary to complete the above described project. Upon the request of ODOT, the Mayor is also empowered to assign all rights, title, and interests of the City to ODOT arising from any agreement with its consultant in order to allow ODOT to direct additional or corrective work, recover damages due to errors or omissions, and to exercise all other contractual rights and remedies afforded by law or equity.

The LPA agrees that if Federal Funds are used to pay the cost of any consultant contract, the LPA shall comply with 23 CFR 172 in the selection of its consultant and the administration of the consultant contract. Further the LPA agrees to incorporate ODOT’s “Specifications for Consulting Services” as a contract document in all of its consultant contracts. The LPA agrees to require, as a scope of services clause, that all plans prepared by the consultant must conform to ODOT’s current design standards and that the consultant shall be responsible for ongoing consultant involvement during the construction phase of the Project. The LPA agrees to include a completion schedule acceptable to ODOT and to assist ODOT in rating the consultant’s performance through ODOT’s Consultant Evaluation System.

SECTION VII - This Ordinance shall take effect and be in force from and after the earliest period allowed by law.

Approved: _____________________
Dave Edwards
President of Council

Mayor Scott Schertzer


Clerk of Council